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Tualatin Valley Firefighters Benevolent Fund,
Thank you from our family to yours for the monetary gift you so graciously gave. It has helped tremendously during a very sad time in our lives, we appreciate you!
D.T. U.

Please pass on my thanks to the Benevolent Fund folks. I am very appreciative of the financial contribution that the fund made to me. It has provided me with some stability in the midst of some trying times. I am encouraged by the work that all of the folks that make up the Fund's board do. Y'all are making an impact with the time that you donate. It has allowed me the opportunity to focus on my healing the last couple of months.

Thanks again to all of you!


To my brothers and sisters at Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue . Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the generous donation from your benevolent Fund. I continue with my treatment for Mesothelioma in hopes of extending my time with family, friends and my fire fighting brothers & sisters. My career in the fire service has been one of the highlights in my life.
Sitting around the coffee table at the station laughing and joking with the crew is something we should all hold dearly. Those times throughout A shift in which we operate as a close and professional team is one of the things that gives life it’s juice. Please Thank your department and it’s members from me for their prayers and support. I have Always Enjoyed working with you all at either emergency scenes or at regional training opportunities. Our Brotherhood is shared throughout the nation and I am proud to be associated with such quality people and loving individuals. Thank you again from myself and family,

The Fire Service has apparatus, stations, tools and programs but the soul of this profession lives in the hearts, minds, and spirits of its sisters and brothers. A number of years ago a couple of extraordinary co-workers helped a brother by raising funds for a medical need not covered by insurance. That firefighter in need was me, and this support changed my life.

This experience shed light on how quickly a crisis can upturn our lives. Often these crises are accompanied by financial problems that we may not have the means to cover on our own.  The Benevolent Fund exists to provide assistance to our sisters and brothers in need. It exists because it is in our nature, as responders, to care and to act. It’s astonishing that for the price of a Starbucks per month, we can  provide a measure of healing support at the critical moment of need for any of our sisters and brothers and their families. I want to thank those who helped me, back then, and everybody who continues to support this program that will surely provide needed support and healing for countless families.

Health and Happiness and in Solidarity,
Steve Balsiger

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