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Tualatin Valley Professional Fire Fighters Unions Benevolent Fund Policy

It is recognized that the primary function for the TVPFFU Benevolent fund is to assist the members of the Tualatin Valley Firefighter Union and their families as outlined in this policy.

It is further recognized that, as an organization, the TVPFFU Benevolent Fund will assist individuals and or organizations that are not directly associated with the Tualatin Valley Fire Fighter's Union.

The TVPFFU Benevolent Fund may also be utilized to defer costs related to the benevolent relevant education of our officers, as we as reimbursement for the costs associated for operating the TVPFFU Benevolent Fund.

All Benevolent Fund Board meetings will be documented. The Benevolent Fund minutes will be found under the minutes of regularly scheduled meetings. All financial distributions will require a motion, a second and a majority vote. Fire Requests which occur between meetings, and if time allows, the board shall be solicited for approval. This action will require a majority of the board members to support distribution of funds. In instances where a request has been received and is time-critical, the president, Vice President, Secretary of Treasurer may take actions without the Board's Approval, as long as the distribution is within the range listed below. In the event a distribution was made outside of the normal board meeting, the minutes will reflect such actions. In all cases, a Benevolent Fund Request Form will be completed.

In order to assist in the equal distribution of funds, the following scale should be followed when possible. The TVPFFU Benevolent Fund Board may adjust this policy as appropriate, based upon, the needs of the request and the financial ability of the TVPFFU Benevolent Fund.

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